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Personal Celebration

Posted on April 4, 2018 at 2:35 PM

Dear Saints;

The problem with annual celebrations like Easter is that after they are over it seems like we forget about it till the next year. The realities we celebrated last Sunday concerning the resurrection of Jesus, however, is not reserved for a yearly celebration, but need to be celebrated daily. In short, we need to celebrate our resurrection with Christ every day to live out a functional and healthy life. But how do we celebrate Easter on a daily basis? After all, you can only eat so many chocolate bunnies, collect so many eggs, and attend so many sunrise services on Sunday. What is actually involved in a daily celebration of the resurrection of Jesus from the dead?


To begin we need to understand the idea of a “personal celebration” of Easter. Like most other celebrations Easter involves a host of religious activities and rituals performed in a solemn remembrance of the actual events celebrated on the day or period in which it occurred historically. This kind of celebration is usually limited to an annual celebration but may be extended to monthly or weekly celebrations. We typically celebrate Easter once a year, but somewhere along the line it was tied into the weekly celebration of the Sabbath so that the early church began celebrating the resurrection of Jesus on the first day of the week by regular meetings on Sunday. Over the years many traditions have been added to both the annual and weekly celebrations of Easter, but these celebrations, no matter how elaborate or simple, are generally social in nature rather than individual or personal.


What is meant by a “personal celebration” of Easter is simply the joyous experience of the individual when believing in and remembering the resurrection of Jesus. What makes it personal is the fact that we are not simply happy that Jesus was raised up from the dead (as in a happy ending to a dramatic story), but that his resurrection from the dead has a real impact on and relevance to our own present lives. Because he lives, we live. Because he won, we win. Because Jesus was raised up by the glory of the Father we also are raised up to “walk in newness of life”. Those who believe what God promised about the resurrection of Jesus experience a joyful, confident expectation about their own future. They have the hope they need to endure the hardships and suffering of this present world and still care about and love others.


Our personal celebration of Easter is based entirely upon our faith in what God said he has done for us in Christ. The good news is that God has crucified us with Christ on his cross, buried the old, sinful persons we were naturally, made us alive in Christ, and raised us up with Christ at his resurrection. Our personal celebration of Easter is made possible by the God of all hope who fills us with joy and peace in believing so that we may abound in hope through the power of the Holy Spirit (Romans 15: 13). Such a celebration is not to be confined to an annual, or even a weekly time frame, but is needed daily. Being filled with “all joy and peace in believing” is not to be reserved for special holidays only, but to be experienced daily by those who take God at his word.


It is our personal celebration of Easter that motivates us to fulfill the New Command Jesus gave to love others the way he does. While we may be comforted and experience “all joy and peace in believing” as we celebrate Easter daily, the ultimate purpose in doing so is not for our benefit alone, but for the ability to love others like Christ as we able to “abound in hope”. Our personal celebration of Easter is the satisfaction of our deepest personal needs that frees us from our own selfish concerns so that we may genuinely care about and love others around us. Let us celebrate Easter daily through the coming year.




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