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Blessed Hope

Posted on September 26, 2019 at 11:15 AM

Dear Saints; 

An elderly custodian at a seminary was listening to the students debating various topics in the book of Revelation concerning the end times and the second coming of Jesus. When the students noticed he had paused from his work to listen they turned to him and asked his opinion on the topic. The old man just smiled and said, “Jesus wins!” No matter what we make of the details revealed in the last book of the Bible, the simple truth is that Jesus, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Lamb of God slain from the foundation of the world, the King of kings and Lord of lords does win the spiritual war. The good news is that we believers also share in his final victory over all evil and will reign with him in his kingdom. 

This blessed hope of the sure coming of Jesus is what gives us the strength to endure the evil of this present age. To the extent that we believe in and count on this promised victory we may experience the joyful, confident, expectation in what lies ahead in our future. Regardless of increasing corruption in our society and the resulting perversion of justice, we can be sure that we shall not lose. This hope is not simply wishful thinking based on academic study and conclusions, but the supernatural fruit of the Spirit comforting us in the midst of our circumstances. Jesus promised us that he would not abandon us here in this world filled with tribulation but said that he would come to us. The way he does that now is through his indwelling Spirit, the Comforter, who guides us, leads us, teaches us, reminds us, and glorifies Jesus (makes him real) in our minds. 

God has promised to come to us in the midst of our trials to enable us to remain steadfast in our faith so that we can continue to minister to others in love. As this world plunges headlong into the political, social, and economical corruption of “Mystery Babylon” (the last world empire designed and controlled by Satan in opposition to the kingdom of God), believers are promised all that we need to sustain our lifestyle of grace and truth. The inner comfort of the Spirit overcomes all external threat with the hope of victory. As described in the Revelation we overcome the enemy through the blood of the Lamb, the power of our testimony, and our willingness to lay down our lives for Christ’s sake. It is the hope produced in us by the Spirit as we believe the promises of God that empowers us to victory.

Like everything else in the lifestyle of grace and truth our victory in Christ is totally opposite to our natural understanding. Paul learned that God’s strength was made perfect in his own weakness when God taught him that his grace was sufficient. He also learned that we are more than conquers through the trials of this world. The natural meaning of “conquer” is one who wins the battle by defeating the enemy; but being “more than a conquer” means we not only win the battle but we also help others win as well. The testimony we share with others concerning the gospel in the midst of our own suffering is a powerful witness to the grace of God. That message and witness to the sustaining grace of God encourages other to trust the promises of God as well. 

In order to prepare for the intensifying conflict between the kingdom of God and the kingdoms of this world we need only to follow the personal leadership of the indwelling Spirit of God. As the Comforter gives us the hope, we need to love others during whatever trials we may have to endure, we can continue to fulfill our high calling of God in Christ Jesus to be Christ to others as us.


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