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Posted on April 14, 2020 at 2:10 PM

Dear Saints,


RESET! That’s the word God seems to be speaking to his servants who are trying to understand what he is doing in this pandemic. That’s the word I’ve heard from the Spirit and through others as well. The dictionary defines it as, “to set again”, “to adjust”, or “to change”. I envision God doing all three in each of us personally, in the church as a whole, and in our world. It fits with his primary modus operandi of death and resurrection…death to the old and resurrection of the new.


The personal threat to each of us (whether real or imagined) causes us to “reset” our thinking about who we are and why we are here. In uncertain times like these our sense of personal security and significance is threatened and causes us to feel anxious and inadequate. Beneath such feelings of hopelessness are the hidden lies about our true identity and purpose in life. Common lies such as, “I will be worthy if I can protect myself from the virus” or, “I will be worthy if things return to normal” may not appear to be lies, but they are. The truth is you are worthy (personally secure and significant) because God has made you to be one with Christ, the Creator and Sustainer of the universe, and is working all things together for your good. Believing that truth about yourself gives you the hope you need to endure these times and actually love others around you.


The government response to this pandemic has caused us to “adjust” the ways we “do church” as well. Social distancing prohibits the close fellowship and large group assemblies that defined the modern church. Empty houses of worship and cancellations of programs and activities have caused us to adjust our focus from the institutional church to the “general assembly and church of the firstborn” Jesus has been and continues to build in this world. It is that church of “two or three gathered in his name” that meets daily in our homes where Jesus is recognized as the “True Shepherd” and his directions are followed in loving others.


Finally, the current crisis has caused us to “change” our normal routines and priorities in life. Who would ever imagine toilet paper being a top priority?! While most of the changes we’ve seen so far have been superficial and temporary, I suspect that there is a hidden agenda for change in Gods plan. Even if the conspiracy theories are partially correct concerning the changes in world politics and our own liberties; the One who not only has the plan for this world but the power to work it out has his own agenda that is being unfolded day by day. Now more than ever we need to hear his voice and follow his directions. Our top priority must change from seeking to save our own lives to seeking his kingdom and his righteousness.


For believers this “reset” is an exiting time. Despite the current inconveniences and difficulties we face living in this world, we know that our God still reigns. For those who are suffering from this pandemic and the associated problems I encourage you to realize by faith you are still a child of the King and trust him to meet your needs. For those who are enduring well I urge you to consider others around you and be willing to share with those in need. It’s time for us to “be the church”.




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