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The Still Small Voice

Posted on April 29, 2020 at 12:10 AM

Dear Saints,


The threat of the Covid-19 pandemic, whether exaggerated or not, has effectively shut down our normal activities and forced us to make simple decisions in our everyday lives that may be considered “life-threatening”. Should I wear a mask and gloves when I go out? Should I go to the hospital when I’m injured or not feeling well? Should I allow certain friends or family to visit during this time? No amount of government guidelines or CDC precautions can cover all the bases when it comes to our everyday decisions in life. Add to that the underlying fear of contracting the virus and facing the possible death of our loved ones or ourselves, these simple decisions become “life-threatening” at least in our own minds.


As the time for the initial “shut down” draws to an end we have another set of decisions to make. When do we resume our “normal activities”? Are such activities worth the possible risk under the current circumstances? Am I doing what I choose because I need to do it to live or am I doing it simply because I want to? Can I rely on the government leaders, medical authorities, and news media to supply me with the information I need to make such decisions? Of course not! How silly of me to even ask.


Now more than ever it is imperative we use the provisions of the Comforter Jesus promised his worried disciples on the night before he was crucified. He promised he would not leave us like orphans in this world, worried, confused and helpless. He promised to come to us through his indwelling Spirit of truth to guide us into all truth. He named him the Comforter to underscore his primary role of comforting us in times of stress and promised he would be with us and in us all the days of our lives. The Spirit of God living within the new persons God has made us to be is there to direct us in all that we do or say just as he did Jesus during his life in this world.


All our decisions, life-threatening or not, need to be based on the personal leadership of the indwelling Spirit. The very reason he lives within each of us is to direct what we say and do in our daily lives. A significant part of the comfort he offers us is just knowing he is there to lead us in all our decisions (guiding us into all truth). Whatever the issue may be it all comes down to, “What is God telling me”. While this may seem somewhat mystical or overly religious to many people, this provision of the Father is our true “lifeline” in this confusing and chaotic world.


In my experience such divine assurance comes in the form of two questions I ask God daily. First, I ask him to remind me of who he has made me to be in Christ. This gives me the personal security I need knowing I am loved, accepted and forgiven. Second I ask him what he wants me to do to love others like Christ today. This gives me the personal significance I need in knowing I am important, meaningful, and adequate. Hearing God speak to me in that “still small voice” of his indwelling Spirit gives me the sense of personal worth I need to actually care about others under any circumstances.


The coming transition back to our “new normal” presents a unique opportunity to develop the spiritual enlightenment promised by Jesus for all of us. Hopefully, we will become more skilled at basing our decisions in life on the personal leadership of the indwelling Spirit rather than the opinion of human authority alone. In the days and weeks ahead there will be many decisions, big and little, to be made concerning your everyday lives. I encourage each of you to listen to that “still, small voice” within trusting in the personal leadership of the Spirit.




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