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Hearing God Speak

Posted on May 13, 2020 at 2:20 PM

Dear Saints,


What is God saying to you? That is the question it all comes down to when we are confused and seeking answers for our life. Jesus promised his followers they would be able to hear and understand what the Father was saying to them through the indwelling Spirit of truth he called the Comforter. But from my experience counseling believers for the past forty years, people today have a difficult time believing they can even hear from God much less understand what he is saying to them.


Three factors need to be considered when we try to understand how God speaks to us. First, since he has created us as rational, thinking human beings it is most likely that he will speak to us in the privacy of our own thoughts. The prophet, Elijah, referred to this as that “still, small voice” within. Not ruling out a “neon sign in the sky” or a the “writing on the wall” type of experience, God is most likely to speak to us through our own persistent thoughts. Those thoughts that we cannot shake need to be considered as a possible communication from God.


But obviously not all persistent thoughts come from God as in the case of certain fleshly compulsions and obsessions. A second consideration is the comparison of our persistent thoughts with the written Word of God. There is a lot that God has already revealed in the miraculous book we call the Bible. It is not a book of rules and regulations but a revelation of all that God has done for us in Christ (the milk of the Word) and all that he will do for us to love others (the meat of the Word). Any persistent thought that contradicts what we know of the Bible is obviously not from God and should be rejected and ignored.


The third consideration has to do with our circumstances in life. What God is saying to us will often be accompanied by what we call an “open door” or a “closed door” of opportunity. Sometimes the closed doors are more important than the open ones. The promise Jesus gave his disciples was to “ask and it shall be given, seek and ye shall find, knock and it shall be opened” referring to checking out our circumstances. What God wants us to know he is able to arrange our circumstances to confirm.


Finally, when we consider our persistent thoughts, compare them to the Bible, and view our circumstances we still need to follow in faith. As always our Job is faith in the personal leadership of the Spirit in our own lives. That faith means that we not only consider what God is saying to us, but that we act on it as well. Like everything else in our Christian life hearing from God demands faith in God’s love and provisions for us. Our faith in his speaking to us includes a willingness on our part to submit to his will for our lives as being the very best thing for us. When you ask God to tell you what he wants so that you can decide whether or not you will do it don’t expect an answer from him. But when you ask willing to follow wherever he leads in faith he will speak to you clearly.




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