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Do Not Worry, Love Others

Posted on July 30, 2020 at 1:10 PM

Dear Saints;


One of the main problems I have with walking by faith is that it has a tendency to cause me to worry so much! Because faith is “the substance of things hoped for and the evidence of things not seen” it is impossible to walk by faith and see how everything is going to work out. In fact, the more I want to walk by faith the more evidence I see that things are not going to work out. I can imagine how they could work out, but I’m usually disappointed as one scheme after another seems to fall apart. This walking by faith business is really a pain in the butt sometimes!


I think this is why Jesus broke it down for us in the Sermon on the Mount when he calls on us to quit worrying about our lives so much. Using the analogy of the birds and wildflowers in nature, he illustrates the faithfulness of God to meet our needs continuously. Reminding us that no amount of worry can change us in anyway, he calls on us to focus our attention on God’s kingdom and his righteousness instead. Living “on the edge” like most of us do, this admonition to stop worrying is just as relevant today as it was when Jesus gave this sermon 2000 years ago.


Jesus hits the nail on the head when he refers to us as, “ye of little faith”. This is not so much a rebuke as it is an explanation of our problem. It’s not that we don’t have enough faith (the faith as small as a mustard seed is enough to move mountains), but that we seldom use the faith we have been given. Rather than trust God to do what he says he will do; we prefer to complain and freak out. Have you noticed that we still worry about things even after God has miraculously provided for us in the past? That’s because faith must be exercised daily rather than just once in a while.


Knowing that we are going to worry about our lives each day, Jesus directs us to “seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness”. Instead of thinking about our own needs and planning how we are going to get them met, we are told to seek the kingdom of God. This is the place where God is in charge and makes all the decisions. Seeking this kingdom means that we actually want him to decide what needs to be done regardless of what it may mean to us personally. In addition, we are to seek his righteousness meaning that we are to concern ourselves with living out the life of Christ in the midst of our circumstances. Our lives are much more than what we have and experience in this physical world, we are really awesome spirit beings who are inseparably joined to Christ. We are not here to be comfortable and have a good time, but to be Christ to others! We are God’s workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works which he before ordained that we should walk in them. We will fulfill his purpose in our lives no matter what.


Focusing our attention on who we really are and why we are here is the exercise of faith that guarantees we will have all that we need to get the job done. Instead of worrying about what is going to happen to us tomorrow, we are called to deal with who we are and what our purpose is today. Do you have what you need to love others like Christ right now? Can you actually care about others around you today? We have enough problems to deal with today; don’t worry about those that are coming tomorrow. Our high calling of God in Christ Jesus is summarized by the new command to love others like Christ. That we can do no matter what circumstances we face each day. Today I have a choice: love others like Christ or worry about how I am going to make it. Exercising that tiny faith, I have been given, I choose to love others believing the promise of God to meet my needs. I’ll face tomorrow the same way…seeking first the kingdom of God and his righteousness.




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