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Trusting to Love

Posted on June 27, 2019 at 10:50 AM

Dear Saints;


Why is it so hard to trust God? We trust the government, the news, the internet, and our family and friends all of which have proven to let us down. Why is it so hard for us to trust God? When I share with folks that all God wants is our faith, often they reply, “That’s too easy”. But it doesn’t seem to be that easy for most of us to really trust God. In fact, most people I know have a difficult time believing what he says is true enough to act on it.


For instance, God said he has made us to be brand new persons in Christ, yet we often find ourselves acting like the same old person we have always thought we were. Evidently, we don’t trust God enough to really mean what he says about us being new persons in Christ and empowered by his Spirit. Some have suggested that there are different levels of faith and note the difference between “head knowledge” (what we know is true intellectually) and “heart knowledge” (what we feel is true). But the Bible does not confuse faith with emotions or intellectual knowledge but associates it with our behavior. This is why the biblical words for faith and obedience are derived from the same root word.


Biblical faith involves action as James tells us saying “faith without works is dead”. True faith demands obedience. We obey what we believe to be true. If I believe what God says about me is true, I am going to act on that faith even if I don’t really feel like it. That famous chapter on faith, Hebrews 11, provides us with a list of folks (heroes of faith) who believed what God said was true and acted accordingly. One of the classics was Noah. God warned him of a great flood of waters to come. Despite all the evidence to the contrary (there had never been such a flood and likely no rain at all), Noah spent the next 100 years working on the ark God told him to build. Based on his faith in God’s word Noah acted to preserve his family even in the face of ridicule.


The kind of biblical faith displayed by these “heroes of faith” was not “blind faith”, however. In each case that faith prompted works of compassion and love for others. The ultimate goal of their actions was not simply to save themselves, but to love others. While faith without works is dead, faith without love is also worthless. The kind of faith we are called to exercise is the “faith which continually works itself out in love”. This kind of faith is not focused on the self, but rather on God who has given us the privilege of loving others like he does. The reason we find it difficult to trust God is that we are naturally more concerned with our own wellbeing while he is concerned for the benefit of all. Trusting God is what gives us the hope we need to love others.


Jesus left us with a new all-encompassing command to love others the way he does. Our biblical faith in him is expressed by our obedience to his command. Trusting him to satisfy our needs by his love for us liberates us to love others like he does fulfilling his new command. True faith in God (who is Love) will always work itself out in our loving others in the same way he does. Lord, help us trust you enough to love others the way you do.




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