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Spritual Realities

Posted on July 18, 2019 at 10:30 AM

Dear Saints; 

The freedom we have in Christ is hard to comprehend. I find it much easier to experience it than to explain it. In most respects it is completely backwards to our conditioning in this world system which makes it difficult to understand. But when we experience the reality of that freedom, we know it’s real. So real, in fact, we are forever changed. 

Our liberty in Christ is a spiritual reality first, then a physical reality. It happens the moment we first believe on Jesus in conjunction with a host of other spiritual realities we aren’t aware of at the time. For instance, when we are “born again” as Jesus put it to the “teacher in Israel” the natural person we were is crucified with Christ, buried with him, and a new person is raised up together with him. This is a spiritual reality concerning a radical change in our identity, but the physical reality of looking like the same old person we have always been makes it difficult to comprehend. The difference between spiritual realities and physical realities are a source of confusion and concern for all believers. 

The key to understanding our freedom in Christ is to see it first as a spiritual reality regardless of what physical realities we may perceive. For many, the idea they are free is meaningless when they are caught up in the bondage of various life-controlling issues involving addiction, abandonment or abuse. Their physical realities of life seem so overwhelming to them they cannot even see any other possibility. The initial steps to experiencing their liberty in Christ is simply the desire to believe in that spiritual reality despite all evidence to the contrary. Because faith is a “fruit of the Spirit” and all have been given a “measure of faith” according to the Father’s plan, we may choose to believe the truth of spiritual realities despite our current physical realities. 

The scriptures are filled with examples of folks who wanted to believe in the spiritual realities despite their physical realities. Abraham believed God would give him the promised child, Isaac, despite the physical reality of his wife being well past child-bearing age. Elisha believed God would deliver him and his servant by the unseen angel-army despite being surrounded by the Assyrian army. Daniel believed God would free his people despite their captivity in Babylon. The list goes on and on with people just like us who through the eyes of faith looked beyond their physical realities to see the spiritual reality of God’s love and protection. 

The liberty we have in Christ is a spiritual reality that we may believe in so that we no longer must rely upon our own performance, the opinion of others, or our circumstances to make us secure and significant as persons. Believing that we are free from all condemnation and free to “be Christ” to others in our daily lives releases the resurrection power of the indwelling Spirit to radically change our physical realities to match our spiritual realities promise by the word of God. Experiencing that freedom in Christ is the most satisfying lifestyle we can live in this world. “Stand fast, therefore, in the liberty wherewith Christ has made us free…” (Galatians 5: 1). 


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